Teatro Fausto Vega

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Axis 1. The scenario: From the neoliberal city to the democratic cities construction
  • Axis 2. The director of the work and the actors in dispute: Who and how decides the city project?
  • Axis 3. The plot and outcome. Societies and cities in co- construction. Local- global dialogue between social agendas, municipalism, the 2030 Agenda, and the New Urban Agenda

Auditorio Quetzalcóatl

  • Experience Exchange Territorial Roundtable 1. Safe cities. Security and full rights, keys to an active, participatory and prosperous community
  • Roundtable of elected officials
  • Thematic Debate Roundtable 1. From social movements to public management: the role of social movements, the leap to institutional policy or work on the margins
  • Thematic Debate Roundtable 5: The peripheries to the center of the metropolis. Reinforcing democratic participation from metropolitan municipality
  • Experience Exchange Territorial Roundtable 10. Participatory democracy, lights and shadows
  • Experience Exchange Territorial Roundtable 13. Participatory Budgeting II

Museo Fuego Nuevo 1

  • Experience Exchange Territorial Roundtable 2. Co- creating public policies for women´s rights: violence, public space and equality
  • Networking session 1. Participatory budgeting in educational institutions
  • Thematic Debate Roundtable 2. Participatory budgeting in new spaces: Russia, China, South Korea and conflict zones
  • Utopia Workshop 1 “ Infrastructure of Hope”
  • Thematic Debate Roundtable 6. Participatory democracy: Vision, scope, limits and obstacles
  • Networking session 3. Global Participatory Budgeting Exchange
  • Thematic Debate Roundtable 7. Citizen participation mechanisms and legal frameworks
  • Thematic Debate Roundtable 9. Open government and ICTs: Citizen participation and social control in public affairs

Museo Fuego Nuevo 2

  • Experience Exchange Territorial Roundtable 3. Experiences of children participation in the construction of democratic cities and territories
  • Nertworking session 2. Inclusive Democracy: From numerical parity to substantive parity
  • Thematic Debate Roundtable 3. Direct Democracy and citizen initiative, scope and challenges
  • Utopia Workshop 2. Role-playing in public debate: Successes and limitations
  • Experience Exchange Territorial Roundtable 7. Social and solidarity economy as an innovative strategy: Experiences from Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Networking session 4. Inclusive social and solidarity economy as a strategy for innovation and social transformation
  • Thematic Debate Roundtable 8. Participatory with equity, diversity and sustainability: keys to building more inclusive cities
  • Thematic Debate Roundtable 10. Citizenship, rights and inclusion for a transformative approach to participatory democracy

Museo de las culturas Pasión por Iztapalapa

  • Experience Exchange Territorial Roundtable 4. Descentralization as a tool for participatory governance, inclusion and sustainable development management
  • Art-Debate session 1. Neigborhood Tourism
  • Experience Exchange Territorial Roundtable 6. Civic education and strengthening of citizen and community capacities for local management
  • Utopia Workshop 3. Children and young people co-creating their neighborhoods
  • Experience Exchange Territorial Roundtable 8. Cities and open territories. Democratic, participative and community planning and management of territory and development
  • Networking session 5. Assesment of IOPD Network construction process
  • Experience Exchange Territorial Roundtable 11. Democratic quality of deliberative spaces and definition of local public policies
  • Thematic Debate Roundtable 11. The right to the city and participatory democracy, the visible and invisible of cities. Informal settlements, megaprojects, environment

Atrio de la Catedral de Iztapalapa

  • Experience Exchange Territorial Roundtable 5. Contribution of participatory budgeting for climate adaptation and mitigation, of the perspective of the construction of the rights to the city
  • Thematic Debate Roundtable 4: Citizen participation as force articulating society for sustainable development
  • Experience Exchange Territorial Roundtable 9. Participatory Budgeting I
  • Art- Debate session 3.Book presentations
  • Experience Exchange Territorial Roundtable 12. Co-creation and appropriation of public space. Participatory urban projects, art and interculturality
  • Thematic Debate Roundtable 12. Local governments today in a globalized world